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PHOEN (extended)

PHOEN is a woodwind ensemble that delights in the  pleasure of polyphonic playing while creating a  homogeneous sound spectrum. The quartet is not concerned with genre boundaries, which is evident in the stylistic diversity of its compositions, and the band’s always expanding their sound world. Over the years, instruments such as clarinets and singing saw were added to the saxophone quartet's instrumentarium to further expand their sonic palette. A logical next step was the inclusion of additional musicians, which led to the creation of PHOEN Extended, where they added voice, marimba and drums.

 The human voice is far superior to all other instruments in terms of tonal variety and flexibility. Furthermore, the addition of the textual layer makes  an accuracy of expression possible  that is unattainable with instrumental music.

In the interplay with the saxophone quartet, the marimba can be used in a variety of ways: as a fifth melody instrument, harmony, bass or rhythm instrument. Thus, as a marimbaPHOEN, it rounds out the sound of the ensemble.

The drums  add another rhythmic layer to the harmonic mesh without interfering harmonically. Above all, it can define the stylistics of a piece of music more than any other instrument. Thus, PHOEN Extended becomes whatever the music needs it to be: a contemporary ensemble, a pop or even a rock band.


Stylistically situated between jazz, new music and pop, PHOEN Extended's program ranges from complex arrangements with odd time signatures and meter changes to catchy pop songs. In the usual PHOEN manner, stories are always told. The different instrumentation possibilities of the seven-piece ensemble are explored and every permutation is utilised,  from the pure saxophone or clarinet quartet to the full line-up with all three "extensions". 


Expansive, Explorative, Extravagant, Exquisite, Explosive - EXTENDED.

PHOEN extended 2 by Martin Bilinovac.jpg

Viola Falb - soprano/alto saxophone

Christoph Pepe Auer - alto saxophone, bass clarinet

Arnold Zamarin - tenor saxophones, clarinet

Florian Fennes - baritone saxophone, bass/clarinet


Magdalena Hahnkamper - vocals

Raphael Meinhart - marimba

Christian Grobauer - drums


The four SaxoPHOENists work together on various programmes, most of which focus on their own compositions:


CD release 2010 on Session Work Records;

Concerts in Budapest, Rialto Theater Limassol, Jazzclub Regensburg, Jeunesse, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Porgy & Bess, Feldkirch Festival,..


Concept for the sonic exploration of reverberant spaces;

First performed in 2012 in the Capuchin Church in Vienna as part of the Long Night of Churches; further performances in the Breitenfeld Church in Vienna, the Innsbruck Cathedral, the parish church in Gmunden, Ybbsitz,...

"We let ourselves phoen" 

Phoen has been performing works from Austrian composers which were composed especially for the ensemble since 2007. 

including works by Christoph Cech, Franz Hautzinger, Max Nagl, Stefan Heckel, Margareta Ferec-Petric,...

"PHOENE Christmas"

well-known Christmas carols in a new guise;

to be heard among others at "Alles Gute. Ein Umgang.”, Advent reading in the Burgtheater Vienna, Mike's workshop, …2015 Video production of a selection

"PHOEN Extended"

Extension of the saxophone quartet with special guests:

Magdalena Hahnkamper (vocals), Raphael Meinhart (marimba), Christian Grobauer (drums). 

2015 World premiere at the Gläserner Saal/Magna Auditorium Musikverein Vienna. 


2018 CD release on Session Work Records. CD release concert also at Gläserner Saal/Magna Auditorium Musikverein Vienna.


PHOEN extended

  1. Persepktiven (Zamarin)

  2. Wenn ich bitte sprechen darf (Falb)

  3. One Moment of Insight (Auer)

  4. Summerrise (Fennes) 

  5. Ich bitte Dich (Falb/Staininger)

  6. Herbstwalzer (Zamarin)

  7. Liedschatten (Zamarin)

  8. Hamsterrad (Fennes)

  9. Alles Walzer (Falb)

  10. Neben Dir (Zamarin/Staininger)

  11. Samba (Fennes)

  12. The Seductress (Zamarin)

Produced by Phoen, recorded at Musikzimmer Wien, mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer 2018, graphics by Designbüro Wienerwald

Sessionwork Records (SWR112)

PHOEN verdreht

  1. Talking Snowflakes (Zamarin)

  2. Lauf der Ampelmänner (Falb)

  3. 2+2=2 (Auer)

  4. Split Time (Zamarin)

  5. Do you know what time it is? (Fennes)

  6. Drehmoment (Falb)

  7. Jössass Urschnö (Zamarin)

  8. Jonathan´s Flight (Zamarin)

  9. Dinner Electrique (Falb)

  10. Montagswalzer (Fennes)

  11. Vom Finden (Falb)

Produced by Phoen, recorded, mixed and mastered in Stockeraus by Werner Angerer, July 2009, photos by Julia Wesely, graphic design by Stefan Fallmann
Sessionwork Records (SWR18)

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