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Chamber music

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2021   Something's Free - 2tp, as, ts, cl, bcl

2021   Something's Different - ss,p

2020   Something's Lyrical - ss, vcl, p

2020   Would you expect?

2017   I beg you - ss, as, ts, bs, voc

2016   Floating Thoughts

2015   Sonar - for saxophone quartet with voice

2015   If I may speak, please – for saxophone quartet with voice

2013   Everything Waltz – for clarinet quartet-septet

2013   Somethings - Bass Clarinet Etudes and Duets

2011   Hope that you feel it - for saxophone quartet; ab, ab, ts, bs (major: 5:00)

2009   Electric Dinner - for saxophone quartet; ss, a flat, ts, b flat (major: 4:40)

2008   Guitars on the road to happiness

2006   yeSSey – for saxophone orchestra; 1sno, 2sop, 3alt, 3rd, 2bar, 1bass 

2005   Run of the traffic light men – for saxophone quartet; ss, a flat, ts, b flat (major: 6:00)

If I may speak, please

Instrumentation: Voc, s.sax, a.sax, t.sax, bar.sax

year of composition: 2015

commissioned by: Saxophone Quartet PHOEN

Duration: 7:00

released by: SessionWork Records

Premiere: April 10, 2015, Glass Hall Magna Auditorium, Musikverein Wien

Saxophone quartet PHOEN feat. Magdalena Hahnkamper

wenn ich bitte
Alles Walzer Partitur Auszug.jpg

All waltz

instrumentation: 5cl, 2bcl or 3cl, 1bcl

year of composition: 2013

Commissioned by: Holz-Blech-Schlag, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Duration: 6:45

published by: Doblinger

Premiere: 10th April 2013, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, students of  Alexander Neubauer


"Alles Walzer" is a small homage to my hometown of Vienna, the city of the Viennese waltz. Except that in this version there are almost no 3/4 bars and it is not easy to dance here either.

But that's Vienna - on the one hand playful, challenging, ephemeral - on the other hand melancholic, dormant and not unbalanced.

The 2 bass clarinets are featured, which, in addition to the melody function, can also take over that of the soloist.

I would like to thank Mag. Wolfgang Kornberger, Alexander Neubauer and his class and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.



Audio: recording of the premier, recorded by Ö1; 

Marlies Wieser, Vera Karner, Lila Scharang, Nicole Walker, Bettina Leimberger (cl), Martin Rainer, Kerstin Höller (bcl)

alle walzer
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