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Viola Falb and Bernd Satzinger started working together on FS:eins in 2013. Initially, the possibilities that this instrumentation could yield were explored in numerous improvisations, but work soon began on concepts and concrete compositions. The pieces were inspired by contemporary music, minimalist music, as well as various directions in electronic music.

After a number of live concerts, Falb and Satzinger decided to produce a recording. The two sides of their first LP, released in 2016, are named differently, side A ‘Outside’, side B ‘Inside’. While "Outside" captures various observations and musical thoughts on objects and situations from the ‘outside’ world, the music on ‘Inside’ draws its inspiration from the inner life of humans. The piece ‘Transition’ is intended to reflect the transition ‘from outside to inside’. The pieces move between the acoustic and the electro-acoustic, the tonal and the atonal, the composed and the improvised, without neglecting the idea of ​​abstraction.


Viola Falb - saxophones

Bernd Satzinger – electronics



  1. “Outside”

  2. Ventilator

  3. Ballroom

  4. Swimmingpool

  5. Transition

  6. “Inside”

  7. Refraiming

  8. Pale Globe

  9. Integration

All tracks composed by Falb/Satzinger except 4&6 by Satzinger

Produced by FS:eins, recorded & mixed by Bernd Satzinger, mastered by Martin Siewert, photos by Martin Bilinovac, artwork by the Kaz

realeased at Jazzwerkstatt Records  2016

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