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In 2004, Viola Falb attracted attention with her formation FALB FICTION. The young ensemble impressed with its energetic style, its complex compositions and the unique ensemble sound.

In 2006 FALB FICTION released their first album, ‘Waiting For’ on Jazzwerkstatt Records, which was enthusiastically received by the public and the press.

In 2006 they were also voted “European Newcomer” in the Czech Republic, which was followed by further concerts around the world, in  Athens, Istanbul, Berlin, Ankara, Beijing, Nis, Nicosia, Budapest, Trencin, Vienna Jazz Festival, New York, Porgy&Bess Vienna, etc

In the next few years, Falb Fiction released a total of 3 recordings – ‘Waiting For’, ‘Lost Control’ and ‘Around The World’.

Viola Falb's multi-layered compositions enable Falb Fiction to create an open improvisational sound in which the band develops tensions together creating a truly individual band sound. The variety of styles, the compositional joy of discovery, combined with Viola's world of ideas make FALB FICTION an impressive listening experience.

For more than 10 years, Viola Falb and her band took a break to devote themselves to other ensembles, compositions and projects, but since 2021, they are back with a different line-up and with new ideas for a new album. In this formation, the connection between composition and improvisation is still in the foreground.


Viola Falb - saxophone

Philipp Nykrin - piano

Raphael Preuschl - bass

Herbert Pirker - drums

"From fragility to frenzy, Falb's phenomenal band interpret their fantastic fiction with fervent finesse". - Django Bates

Band Members

Philipp Nykrin - piano

studied at the Anton Bruckner Private University with Christoph Cech and Martin Stepanik. Besides two releases and concerts of his own projects, he is working with Nina “Fiva” Sonnenberg, Conchita Wurst, Christian Muthspiel, Lorenz Raab, Gina Schwarz and Karl Ritter. Philipp is teaching at the Jazzinstitute of the University of Music and Performing Art Graz.

Raphael Preuschl - bass

studied at the Conservatory of Vienna and plays in many different ensembles, projects and theaters. His actual bands are FAT - with Alexander Machacek and Herbert Pirker, the duo formation with the cellist Asja Valcic - Valcic/Preuschl and already for long time he is working on his soloprogramm. Concerts and Tours with David Helbock Trio, Wolfgang Puschnig, Flower+, …

Herbert Pirker - drums

studied at the Conservatory of Vienna with Walter Grassmann, toured with Mario Roms Interzone, David Helbock Trio, Shake Stew, Max Nagl Trio, FAT, Weisse Wände, … 

played with Kurt Ostbahn, Klaus Dichbauer, Louis Sclavis, Wolfgang Mitterer,...

teaching at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

“The first thing I noticed about the music on this album is its warmth; each of these musicians gets a beautiful warm sound from their instrument, and the music is playful, patient, human and unpretentious (I wish all jazz recordings had those qualities!).  I like Viola's compositions a lot… The tunes avoid cliche, everyone gets plenty of space for individual and collective expression, and the arrangements are creative, well thought-out, and full of happy surprises. Individually, the members of the band are all strong voices, but even more importantly in my opinion, the music they make together is cohesive and natural without being predictable. Thank you Viola and Falb Fiction, for bringing this music to life and sharing it with us!” - Chris Potter


FALB FICTION - around the world

  1. Song for Nis

  2. NYC-Adventure

  3. Bangkok Nights

  4. Too Far Away

  5. High up North

  6. No Man's Land

  7. Hotel Pupik

  8. Running in circles

all compositions by Viola Falb, except 8 by Philipp Jagschitz


Viola Falb - saxophone, Philipp Jagschitz - piano, Christian Wendt - bass, Herbert Pirker - drums, special guest on track 3 / 5 Martin Eberle


recorded, mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer, Vienna, May 2012

Graphic design by Rob Drapela

Sessionwork Records SWR 41/12

FALB FICTION - lost control

  1. Bizarree

  2. Devil's Dance

  3. Suite II

  4. 8 Schätze

  5. Hitze-Koller

  6. Stirb langsam

  7. Sauron

  8. Vom Finden

  9. Alone

  10. Please, tell me the way

all composition by Viola Falb, except 4/7 by Christian Wendt


Viola Falb - saxophone, Philipp Jagschitz - piano, Christian Wendt - bass, Herbert Pirker - drums


recorded, mixed by Werner Angerer, mastered by Christoph Burgstaller, 

Graphic design by Rob Drapela

Released at Jazzwerkstatt Records 2008  JWR 01/08

FALB FICTION - waiting for

  1. Linie 100

  2. Lauf der Ampelmänner

  3. Song For The People, Mama And For Rosa Too

  4. In Cäh

  5. Versus Venus

  6. Waiting for

  7. Working Lomo

  8. Ohne Solo

  9. Rocksolution

All compositions by Viola Falb


Viola Falb - saxophone, Philipp Jagschitz - piano, Christian Wendt - bass, Herbert Pirker - drums


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in Vienna by Werner Angerer, September 2005, Photos by Salome,  Graphic design by Rob Drapela


Jazz Workshop Records

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