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Susanna is great, and Mona is great, and Thomas is also great, and Alex is also really great, so are Viola and Gnigler!

That's what’s being said all over the country and the only thing that could be added is, we think so too!

Aljamosuthovi is a welcome side effect of this stupid pandemic. Susanna Gartmayer's work as a curator of Studio Dans ‘ZONK!?!!’ in summer 2020 had to be shrunk from 7 bands to just 3. The happy result was a brass band conglomerate of all the originally programmed bands. They play a mixture of free improvisation and compositions from the members.


Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet

Mona Matbou Riahi – clarinet

Jakob Gnigler – tenor sax

Viola Falb - alto sax

Thomas Berghammer – trumpet, div. horns

Alexander Kranabetter – trumpet, div. horns

Band Members

Susanna Gartmayer is a bass clarinetist and composer in the fields of experimental rock music, multi-idiomatic improvisation, contemporary music and multimedia sound performance. She is a member of Broken Heart Collector, möström, and many other bands, which is just totally awesome.


Mona Matbou Riahi has previously played clarinet as a soloist in the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, but after her studies in Vienna, she increasingly turned to experimental and free improvisation. Most recently she was a member of the trio Gabbeh. And we just think she is great.


Trumpeter Thomas Berghammer is also extremely agile, and he has played with a huge list of some of biggest names in improvised music including Roscoe Mitchell, Clayton Thomas, Phil Minton, Mars Williams, Wolfgang Reisinger, Otto Lechner and Fennesz. Various solo projects and cross-genre works complement his sphere of activity. We think he's really great anyway.


Alexander Kranabetter, who we also think is great anyway, dives deep into the tonal possibilities that his instrument offers, especially in his fascinating solo performances where one hardly recognizes that it comes from a trumpet.


Viola Falb is a saxophonist and composer working between jazz and experimental music. She plays with Falb Fiction, Studio Dan and composes for various chamber music ensembles. We just think she’s great.


That leaves just Jakob Gnigler, who we absolutely love anyway. Jakob Gnigler – what kind of great music is he currently shaking out of his fingers, or lungs?! Gnigler, Pneuma, P:Y:G, Gnigler/Duit, Schneider/Gnigler, and so on... All together, easy...

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